2016 demos

by courtney green

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Avery Ashley
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Avery Ashley nice unintelligible vocals
Emily Ashley
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Emily Ashley really hecking great grunge tunes, i fuck wid it Favorite track: things waves.
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some demos that never went anywhere.

"siamese dream is better than this" - billy corgan

"i really fucking hate this tape." - courtney


released September 6, 2016

courtney green - songs, guitar, vox
andrew robbins - arrangements, production, mixing and some vox



all rights reserved


courtney green Enumclaw, Washington

um, gee..

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Track Name: shore
anti insight
you dont need a reason
who knows how long
too close at home
making sure its serving
dont go too long

i dont need a way
better have
make it quite assured
take an answer
find out what it means
i dont need you to
say again

make right
make it true
make you
make sense
what i do
its way too high
not where im going
dont ask me twice

nobody needs to know
dont ask again
make an answer
find out what it means
i dont need you to ask again
yeah hey
Track Name: asterisk (demo)
wasted she thinks she means it
i know i dont have it
make she, she knows its morbid
release again
for me

i dont
anti emetic

wasted i dont want to die
make me you know senile
closer than saline
think she knows more things
Track Name: intent (demo)
anyway you know
i got time as it shows
make a difference
i dont think
i got time anyway

they have anyway
you have i dont think
you do anyway
they care better way

live alone
i dont make a scene (i dont)

live alone
Track Name: break out
pregnant teething
have a season
make a reason
i dont think you need to know
i dont ever have to show

i need no way
you need your veins
i see your face

three one
two one
making sure im sure
even though im sure
Track Name: you know i do (demo)
making sure you know i do
i made it first its you and you
oversimplify the phrase
im happiest in a haze

and i think
run away
prettier than youll find

say you didnt make it hurt
no you dont i dont find
i must be wrong you know i must be wrong
i dont say how you do
i dont make you think you do
i must be wrong you know i must be wrong

hey much prettier
way much prettier
the same much prettier
anyway much prettier
you know i do
Track Name: things waves
alleviate concern
thats what you do
had a lot to learn
so did you
dont even think
i never knew id know
take it away
me home

i dont ever think id find
take you know
making sure its mine
i know it aint real
its just in how i feel
simplify it all

find north
find the shore
take it in your hand
breathe in sand
find out what you think
conducive too
i dont wanna wait

(cool solo thing)